-people, -persons (plural)
1) COMB in ADJ: ADJ n -person is added to numbers to form adjectives which indicate how many people are involved in something or can use something. People is not used in this way.

...two-person households.

...the spa's 32-person staff.

...his 1971 one-person exhibition.

...two-person tents.

2) COMB in N-COUNT -person is added to nouns to form nouns which refer to someone who does a particular job or is in a particular group. -person is used by people who do not want to use a term which indicates whether someone is a man or a woman. -people can also be used in this way.

...Mrs. Sahana Pradhan, chairperson of the United Leftist Front.

...Jessie Marshall, a contemporary craftsperson...

He had a staff of six salespeople working for him.

English dictionary. 2008.

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